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Double Interlock Circular Knitting Machine YTW-C

Double Knitting Machine--Double Interlock Circular Knitting Machine YTW-C
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1. Name of the machine: High Speed Double Circular Knitting Machine, Double Rib Knitting Machine, Interlock Knitting Machine
2. Brand: YITAI, has been found on 1990.
3.Usage: Be applicable to produce various kinds of superior quality rib fabric, interlock, twill, air layer, interlayer, padded bubble, stair cloth, double PK cloth, rib mini jacquard, cardigan, milano rib, silk quilt, etc. If lycra devices are installed in the machine, it can make stretch fabric. All kinds of fabrics made by the machine are widely used in making underwear, coat fabrics, varied sportswear and fashion fabrics..
4. Feature of the machine:
1). The High-Speed Double Rib Knitting Machine is a weft knitting machine. It contributes excellent functions and wins a good reputation from customers and experts in the industry.         
2). The design of closed orbit for upper and lower cams allows to knitting1+1 and 2+2 drop needle rib, and the equipment of cams like looping, tucking, flat knitting and so on simplifies the machine’s mobility.
3) The production line can also be equipped with lycra attachment which can be used to produce elastic rib fabrics to meet the demands of various senior fabric market.
4) This machine has high precision and convenient operation. Our R&R team applies the most advanced 3D three-dimensional design software to strengthen the stability coefficient of main structure by precise design and make the machine run absolutely stably even at a high speed.
5). Advanced drive system: The machine adopts the drive gear lubricating design, which ensures that the wear and tear can be minimized when the machine runs at a high speed, thus to extend the lifetime and reduce the noise. the drive axle adopts special steel products with thermal refining, which has strong tenacity, average stress point and strong rigidity and etc. the design of lubrication system is advanced and unique.
6). The design of lubrication system is advanced and unique.
7) we adopt the automatic processing machines and tools and execute the strict standardized production procedure. The roundness of this machine is controlled averagely below 0.02mm to make the machine run more smoothly with low noise and shock, stable texture and flat cloth surface to supply the strongest quality guarantee for you.
8).Cam block with high precision: It adopts special alloy steel. The cam block has high rigidity and abrasion resistance after being treated with 3-channel polishing treatment of full-automatic CNC milling machines.
9). The heart of the machine is manufactured in special materials. And developed by high precision standard and completely new originality design. It is more stable,credibility, high efficiency and durable.
10). YITAI design system is easy to operate and highly efficiency.It is also comparable with other pattern programs in the world.
5. Technical data:
Name of the machine
 Big rib knitting machine
Small rib knitting machine
Double knitting machine

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